What is an Ill-Prepared Housewife?

The Ill-Prepared Housewife is an admission that keeping house is a reality as well as an ass-kicking task. Elizabeth and Gena are real people who have tried and failed at even the most mundane tasks, and we want to share. If you’ve ever thought “Dinner?Again?” or felt that the very fabric of your soul was being crushed as you made the bed, you may be a kindred spirit. Everyone has to keep their home together, and we are here to help you do it even though you totally forgot you had to.

About Beth

My mother raised me to get good grades, go to college, and find a job to support myself. I did all of those things, but I never stopped to look at what she was doing. Which is too bad, because it is exactly what I do now. When I decided to be a stay-at-home-mom. I thought I could really explore all those craft projects and games with the kids and finally develop into the great cook I had dreamed of becoming with more time at home. In fact, I quickly found myself drowning in all that craft detritus, dirty clothing and even dirtier dishes. And guess what, the beds don’t actually make themselves. Not unlike taking the mantle of Santa and the Tooth Fairy, I would have to be the one who magically straightened everything up and had the household humming along when everyone else returned home from school or work. Only I didn’t get a charming backstory. Or magical powers.

But I could wallow in the travesty that a woman’s grownup’s work is truly never done. (I know this is an increasingly non gender-specific role).  Or– I could face the fact that this is what I do and make it my bitch y’all! do a really good job!

Beth is a former newspaper writer and editor. Her work has appeared on Scary Mommy. She also blogs at A Madison Mom.

About Gena

With two advanced degrees, teaching and marketing experience as well as a two year stint as the head of a department, I am often surprised to find myself at home taking care of my son, my husband and a house.  I am the manager, driver, cleaner and landscaper of the house that my formal education and work experience did not prepare me for.

I am not one of those people who gets into cleaning and organizing my house and, though by no means at hoarder levels, I have found the odd spider web in my sugar bowl.  The real test is how or if I get fulfillment from my life now, one that I have consciously chosen and keep my self worth, sanity and sense of humor while helping to grow my son into a good man.

Want to get in touch? E-mail us at:  illpreparedhousewife@gmail.com


1 thought on “About”

  1. I totally understand this. Not a stay at home mom and my “kids” are young adults now, but I had the luxury of not working for two years and housekeeping was the farthest thing from my mind…and my mom was EXCELLENT AT IT. Those skills just didn’t transfer, LOL.

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