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Please ensure that he wears at least 1/3 of the 22 pairs of underwear I packed for him for a 21 day session

Please make sure that cute girl I keep seeing in the camp blog pictures does not break his tender heart

Please make sure that he is not the one who gets in trouble the most but also that he is not the one that everyone else hates because he never gets in trouble

Please make sure that his special “pillow pet” pillow does not get ruined or he does not get made fun of for bringing it (though it has been cleverly covered with a pillowcase)

Please make sure he is safe when he is goes on the special like trips kayaking, a Red Sox game, and/or Boda Borg (whatever that is)

Please make sure that he puts sunscreen on, at the very least, when he is at the aforementioned Red Sox game and kayaking

and, please, if he does get a sunburn, let that be a lesson to him

Please make sure that he showers, puts on deodorant, washes his face daily or, at least, does so in a manner similar in frequency to the others at camp so he is not ridiculed for poor hygiene

Please let him call me, if not weekly, at least once, so I can hear his voice if only to hear him complain about the food

Please allow that he eats a vegetable and/or piece of fruit in at least one out of every 4 meals.  I am not asking for kale or spinach but that a banana or apple crosses his lips at some point

Please let not lice or bedbugs return from camp with him

And, finally, please let him come back saying he had a great time and really wants to go back next year, but maybe for longer?