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I have noticed since my youngest passed the decade mark, I’m just not concerned about a lot of stuff that used to seem really important. As the kids get older, I realize that a little less anxiety on my part is probably good for everyone. Then again, there’s a whole new set of things that I am starting to get a little antsy about.


Things I stopped caring about:

Library Day

Days you are supposed to wear your favorite sports team’s shirt to school.

Saving candy for anyone else

The fact that I’ve never really used a duster

Wrinkles (your shirt)

Perfecting my take on a ubiquitous theme for the twins’ birthday party. I can remember yelling “Nailed it” one time when I found braided faux hair headbands in bulk or our Frozen themed party.

Do the kids have lice?


Things I started caring about

That text you never sent me when you arrived at school on your bike that one day when a bear was sighted in the area.

How much makeup my daughter wore to school this morning.

If you eat all of the food I buy before it gets to the refrigerator (Unless it’s a cruciferous vegetable).

That time someone put the barbecue cover back on for me. #Blessed!

Wrinkles (my face)

Finding a huge stash of dishwasher pods when I thought I was out. That was why I shouted YEASSS!!! at the top of my lungs the other day.

Have the kids learned about pubic lice?