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Ok, so I don’t really wash my hair that often. I grew up in a household with only one shower and five people, so the formative years were not totally filled with showers for me. Years later, once the babies started coming, hair cleanliness just kind of fell down the ladder a few rungs. That said, I am kind of a freak about my hair. I am a red head, and though I’m not exactly a ginger (My eyelashes are not blonde) my identity is wrapped up in my hair color. I will lose my shit if you say I have brown hair (or worse, orange hair), though it is probably closer to brown the older I get. Except the older I get, the more greys creep in. And the more greys creep in, the more I feel like I should take care of my tresses a little more.

But, who has time to wash and style the hair every day? Frankly, I am lucky if I remember to put a bra on before I leave the house most days.

Enter “How to make your blowout last seven days.” Which is a little article I found on PureWow. It’s still there, with lots of non-redheads who clearly spend a LOT of time on their hair, telling you what to do with your hair all the time.

I tried it, and this is how it went.

Monday: “Savour the blowout”

Their Model:




I think I can get my hair looking pretty good, and I definitely support the idea of not wrecking a good hair day just because it was yesterday. The model probably had a little extra help, so I’m going to spring for a professional blowout next time and see how that goes. I’ll let you know.

Tuesday: “Flip it and Reverse it”

Their Model:


IMG_8041Honestly, this seemed like a dumb idea. Day two same hair is pretty much every day two (or three or four) for me.

Wednesday (well, actually Thursday for me, because I forgot about my hair Wednesday.)

“Hump day braid”
Their Model:



Also: 15 minutes after this picture was taken, my braid had completely fallen out of my still glossy from the blowout hair. I redid it once and then discovered a hair tie floating around in between the back of my (completely unbraided) hair and my collar while I was putting my daughter to bed.

Thursday: The half bun

Their model:




This is when things started to get interesting. I found the whole thing strangely empowering, I even used hair powder, as they recommended. It made my hair the feel like cotton candy but look like Julianne Hough. You see the resemblance, right? I took this little hairdo, threw on a maxi dress, grabbed my reusable shopping bags and hit the farmer’s market. No one seemed to notice, but I like to think they were just too polite to fawn over me.

Friday: The sleek pony

Their Model . . .


. . . is Rihanna, Not fair at all!

IMG_8709This one says to “use your mane’s oiliness to your advantage.” I’ve been to this rodeo before. It was really easy and I looked awesome

Saturday: Knot it and forget it.

I mean, isn’t that what I always do? Photo deemed uneccesary. This is like when I was “looking for a job” that summer after college watching Oprah counsel women who “do too much.” Wrong audience! In a side note, I did not need the printed headband suggested to disguise my greasy roots because the cotton candy effect was still going on and taking care of that.

All in all, I thought more about my hair this week than most. It was kind of fun! I still showered most days, but I didn’t wash my hair.

I think I can try something more elaborate next week: