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Well, life in the back yard is puttering along. We have been able to prevent the field trips the hens were taking to the neighbors with some strategically placed cardboard. In the yard, however, they have taken an interest in our fledgling strawberry patch. So far, they have eaten our entire crop!
On the squirrel front, we have outsmarted them by closing the coop during the day while the girls are out. This is a temporary solution, though, because they will have to have access to the coop when they start laying. And the squirrels don’t seem to be giving up on trying for the free chicken food.

They try all day long, scrambling around at all angles, sometimes using their tails to hang upside down.
As a result, the chickens tend to perch somewhere on the patio as falls and we have to hand deliver them to the coop.

I have also noticed that the Dominiques are buddies, butt the buff tends to be a loner. I think she wants to come live inside the house.


And, finally, I got some god pictures of one of the Dominique’s face. I thought she was a remarkably good chicken model right up until she pecked my fingers.