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I’m scrambling to get thank you gifts for the kids’ teachers and yes, it is the last day of school already!
There are probably families who just pay their class dues and never have to worry about teacher gifts, but not us. We have speech and occupational therapists, reading teachers, enrichment teachers and orchestra leaders to thank. And then there’s middle school, where my daughter has decided there are just five teachers she’d like to thank with a note and small gift card. I have heard that the special teachers get less end-of-year swag than the main teachers, but I have also heard the preferred gift is cold hard cash, and right now I’m tapped out! I am going to limit those to ones my children really connected with.
So, how does an ill-prepared person handle all that? It’s the dance I’m always doing of preparing to have forgotten something somewhere down the road. Maybe I will get a time machine in the future, and future me is silently, invisibly nudging me on track. Because today I just so happen to have 12 Starbucks gift cards in my purse. I bought them weeks ago, just because that time of year was coming. I don’t know why that number, but it covers our needs exactly. So that’s the lesson if you are ill-prepared like me: if you see 12 small denomination gift cards and it’s not still snowing, buy them. Academic year’s end is coming. Similarly, however ludicrously early the seasonal stuff comes out, just buy it and stuff it somewhere. In a future post, I will tackle how to remember where the heck you put it.
And, though I may sound a little whiney about all the people we have to thank, that’s not how I really feel. I feel very blessed that my children have all those people in their lives looking out for them. It’s the least I can do to but them a future cup of coffee or two. Maybe they’ll see future me with that time machine . . . .