Earlier this week, I went outside to lock the chickens in the coop at dusk as usual, but something was amiss.  On the patio was our Buff Orpington. She was making a noise I’d call concerned (sort of a whirring long caw-like thing). She was looking at one of our patio chairs, and I saw what the problem was. The Dominiques were perched up there. And the Buff was like “C’mon you guys, we’re supposed to go to the coop at night! It’s past curfew!” And they were all “Do what you want yellow, the coop is occupado!”

I think the Buff succumbed to peer pressure, and she jumped up there with them.


So  I headed out to the coop. The door was closed (all wrong) and inside we had a little visitor.


Its not a great photo, but it is proof. Moments before, I observed the squirrel standing on the chicken’s perch. What is the world coming to? Squirrels where chickens go, chickens where you might see a squirrel?

I did remember someone saying something about trapping a squirrel in the chicken coop, now that you mention it.

So I told the squirrel that he is not a chicken and is not welcome in our coop and tried to get him out (I opened the door and banged on the roof of the coop), but he just went over to the laying area. Maybe this squirrel really does think he’s a chicken. After some more banging and cajoling he left. And we shooed those squirrely chickens back to their perch and all was right.

Except now that squirrel keeps sneaking in there to eat the chicken food!