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This week, the chickens took a field trip. One afternoon my daughter said she couldn’t find the chicks, and I couldn’t find them either. I kept my phone close in case we were in for a repeat of  two weeks ago. No news there, so we waited. Sure enough, the three chickens showed up, easy as you please, in our neighbor’s back yard. Luckily it was not the neighbor with the chicken eating dogs. Even more luckily, these neighbors recently moved and the new neighbors have not yet moved in.

My daughter and a friend had a grand old time capturing the chickens and locking them back in the coop. Then they decided, Zelda-style, to have “missions” in which they would let one chicken out and then have to catch it and put it back in the coop. A lot of feathers flew during that event. I did put a stop to it after a few tries.

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Today, I found the girls lounging on our patio furniture like this:


I like how the buff orpington is all puffed up like that. And her neck (or lack thereof) makes me feel good about my neck.

I got a pretty good show of her maturing facial features.



She’s getting a little red in the face. I have seen Buff Orpington’s with red around the beak and the eyes, but not all of them get that red. She is sprouting a comb, but I can’t get under her chin to see if her wattle is coming in.

So, this week, we will have to shore up the fences I guess, so there are no more unauthorized field trips.