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So, I was backing out of the garage today, and then I heard a cracking and crashing noise. Well, actually, I was in the car, thinking about picking up the kids from school (One carpool of two was down to one, because my own daughter was staying late. But I had gotten a text this morning that the one girl who needed a ride home was bringing a friend along, so zero-sum game. Two at the elementary school. One home sick with the phone next to her in case of emergency. I’d have to remember to get my daughter at the first school.) After that, I was bringing one girl to a playdate with potential swimming and another to see an old friend. And then there were the special socks we were donating to the jamboree basket auction and the sign I forgot to put up for Awesome Art. Check and Check. So I pushed the button to raise the garage door, and put the car into gear. I let my foot off the break and CRASH CASCADE.

Later, my 9-year-old daughter asked me if I had said a bad word when it happened. But I didn’t. I calmly put the car in drive and inched up a bit, put it in park, turned the car off and got out.  Man, that was a doozy.



As you may know, I have had some trouble with the car and the garage before.

When I told my friend Valerie (Shake and Lay/Chicken Sitter Valerie, not French Valerie) she said “I used to feel like my minivan had a target on it for a while.” That made me feel better. So here’s a shout out to Shake and Lay Valerie.

And, just because I’m really proud of this (but maybe regretting the placement of the sign and the fact that it’s not centered on the page, but whatever) here’s the Awesome Art project I did with my friend Beth (like me but with more fabulous ideas).


And, you know what, those fancy socks are still in the minivan, yet to be donated.