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Ready? It might surprise you!


its an apple cutter. This thing cuts fear into my heart every time I use it. In some ways, it seems safe. I mean you don’t have to use a knife, right? And you get 6 equal pieces. Easy Peary, right?


this thing is a recipe for severed fingers – many fingers at the same time. You are basically using all your strength to push 6 knives through an apple (and your fingertips). And we let children use it! A knife to cut some bread? No way! But here, take this thing and go get yourself a nice healthy apple! It keeps the doctor away! As well as that career as a pianist, surgeon, or cats cradle professional.

Keep in mind, that this warning is coming from a person who at the age of eight, sliced her finger open with a boning knife while attempting to carve a pumpkin. I have a healthy/fear knowledge of dangerous knives and I would give my kid a bombing knife to cut that apple before a apple cutter

Runners up: (and these are more specific to the task) grating carrots and cutting a bagel