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This week, no chickens died! They just grew up a little more and got used to being a team of three. I did notice that they have started sitting together outside of the coop. They make a little depression in the dirt and sort of settle in for some relaxation, I think. It’s been hotter here, so I think they are finding a cool spot in the shade and then digging down to cool dirt for a little respite. They sure know how to live.

I have also noticed that they are getting their wattles. I got a good picture of one of the dominiques (Oreo maybe?) where you can see her emerging headgear.


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I can’t believe how red her comb has gotten and how much more red there is around her face since moving day, just three weeks ago!


A full grown dominique hen looks like this:


This is a great picture from a great resource: backyardchickens.com.

So, she has a ways to go, but she already has the awkward facial situation of an adolescent of many species.