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The lawn has been successfully mowed twice in the past two weeks! That is pretty good for us!

Our new cordless lawn mower is a big hit with me. And since I am the main person who does the mowing, my opinion counts. Now that I am freed from not only gas powered mowers (yanking the starter was causing the neighbors to register complaints about the amount of curse words coming from the yard) but also corded electric mowers (dragging that cord around the yard was causing similar complaints), I actually like getting the lawn cut! Since our yard is quite small (a four square court would fit nicely on the front lawn), we are really the perfect candidate for this kind of mower. I can get it done in about 30 minutes and the mower promises 45 minutes of use.

My son did attempt to mow the lawn this weekend. The pattern that was cut in the lawn approximated the symbol that Prince used when he was “the artist formerly known as Prince” before the battery died.


I applaud him for trying (the mower is still probably a bit big for him) but I suspect that I will be doing most of this project… And that’s fine with me.