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Last night, I locked the chickens up tight. I remember because I was outside grilling the first burgers of the season. Even though it wasn’t yet sundown, I checked in with the chickens, and, finding the inside the coop I closed the door, braced it shut with another piece of wood we have for that purpose, and checked that all the latches on the doors of the coop were secure.

Good thing I did, because in the morning, there was evidence a visitor had stopped by.




These are clearly prints of a raccoon. But just in case, I looked for some images online. Here’s what the Humane Society had:

Also, I remember them from the attack that took our second chicken. That time, there were many more prints, probably because there wasn a struggle. This time, the raccoon found the coop closed and could not get in. But for whatever reason, the little bandit sure did try. It looks like he or tried to walk up the walls, but no luck. I can only imagine how scary it was for the chicks to be out there in the dark and hear the scratching of claws just on the other side of the wall!

Maybe our wall will look something like this one day.

Raccoon Paw Prints 2

This is one wall of a chicken coop that has been visited by a lot of raccoons, apparently. It is from the fascinating blog livefromthesurfaceofthemoon.blogspot.com, but in this case I think it’s from the surface of the earth.

And, the chicks are still gossiping about it.