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I have realized that I have become obsessed with spots – but only certain spots. I can walk by a spot or fingerprints on our stainless steel fridge and not bat an eye. Dishes can sit in the sink for days. But Laundry is a different story altogether. I investigate every item that comes out of the dryer, painstakingly raking my eyes over each article of clothing for spots. Spots!
Now, maybe it’s because the clothes my son and husband wear are sent out into the world, thereby being a reflection on me. Though my house is a reflection of me, it is much easier to literally and figuratively sweep the dirt under the rug. And, let’s not fool ourselves, if my son goes to school with huge splotches of god knows what on his shirt, the adults he comes across will be asking “how could his mother send him to school that way?” (My husband is on his own, though his co-workers probably think, “What did he spill on himself on the way into the office?”)
I mean, where are these stains coming from? Sometimes it looks like they were standing in front if a vat of grease as chicken was being chucked in, splattering everywhere. Alternatively, it is as if they let a whole lip balm melt slowly onto the shirt.
Fortunately, I have Stain Stick. I may have mentioned this before, but this stuff is right up there with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I am pretty sure we would be spending a lot more money replacing t-shirts if I didn’t have this stuff. I think it might actually be called “Resolve” Stain Stick but it’s the stuff in the green container that looks like a deodorant.  It is also important to note that this works even AFTER the clothes have come through the dryer with the stain on it.  Just rub a little Stain Stick and send it back through the system!




Stain Stick


Stain gone!