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They don’t have TV shows about housework, but maybe they will one day. Here are my suggestions:

1. Chopped for Dishwashers: You have to clean a sinkful of dishes with unusual cleaning products (things like Baby Shampoo or Mosquito netting or even WD-40.)

2. Dusting Addict: A cute blond woman narrates all the homes she dusts and all the different dusting apparatus she uses. Stylized camera work and jazzy music abound.

3. Mops, Brooms and Vacuums: An interesting looking man (maybe it’s tattoos and bad teeth, maybe oddly colored or styled hair and specifically retro clothes) visits homes around the country to see how people clean the house. And sometimes, he joins in.

4. The Queen of Clean: a nerdy chic woman (I’m thinking of Gena here) takes a cleaning task per episode and explains its history while peppering in how-to hints.

5. Handling the Help: Trash TV at its finest. Five women meet weekly at a trendy restaurant or spa to discuss the problems they’re having with their domestics. Are you listening Andy Cohen?