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Our chicks are about four weeks old, and we’ve noticed that they already seemed to be outgrowing their box last week. They were in our garage, and on my way to and from the car, I would often hear them pecking at the walls. I had seen them crowding into a poorly taped together corner of the box, and I imagined they peeped to one another about the strange sliver of an outside world they saw. And then this weekend I peered into their box to this sight


And later that day this:


It seemed our girls were ready for new digs. We have a chicken coop that my husband built the last time we had chickens. It has an indoor area that can be sealed completely by raising the ramp to their coop yard. So yesterday was moving day.
We had four willing family members helping out. The plan was to have each person carry one chick, but someone actually chickened out, so I got to carry two!

We placed them right on the perch, though I’m not sure they are ready for that really. But it looked cute.


So now they are getting used to the new place. They have a grown up hanging feeder (less poop in the food) and we hope to elevate the waterer as well. So far, so good.