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Recently, my husband pointed out to me that I keep a lot of stuff in my car even going so far as to call it my “purse car”.  This was drastically apparent to me when we had to unexpectedly buy a new car and clean out the old one (my husband was in an accident that totaled the car but he was unscathed).

Anyway, I want to point out that I do not mean “car purse” that would be this:

car purse

I mean, very consciously, a purse car. Meaning, instead of carrying around a purse, I just keep everything I could possibly need for any event, emergency or opportunity in my car.

Now, I actually have a love/hate relationship with the idea of purses in general.  So much so that I have actually come up with a theory about how women need to have a purse because clothes designers have caused women to have to carry bigger and bigger purses because they refuse to allow women’s clothes to have pockets comparable to men’s clothing.  I lovingly call it “The Tyranny of the Purse”  but as we like to say, that is grist for another mill!

So when I went to to the auto shop where our car had been towed to clean it out, I ended up loading up 6 bags of stuff from the car (and lucky for me, I had all those resusable grocery bags in there!)

Here is a partial list:

1) Small binoculars

2) 47 pencils (more grist)

3) 12 grocery bags

4) Sneakers

5) 13 maps

6) Extra Fleece jacket

7) 3 pairs of socks

8) 5 books

9) Spare key to my parents’ house

10) tampons

…to name a few.

I mean you never know when you might need to go for a walk, to watch birds, near your parent’s house but in a place you aren’t familiar with so you can read a book after you get your period, right?

I really want to make sure that I don’t fill up my nice new car with all that junk.

Here is a picture of my new car, day 4: