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About a week or so into our chickens lives and how things have changed. We started with four cheeping fuzz balls who are already looking quite different. A LOT of fuzz has been replaced with feathers, revealing darker and more patterned exteriors and, yes, tail feathers. I saw some poop on the top of their water bottle, evidence that they are trying to use those wings a bit.
IMG_4727So far, raising our chicks has been a little tricky. Like any newborns, we couldn’t predict their exact arrival. They wound up arriving just a few days before a planned vacation. Taking the chicks with us or leaving them alone weren’t going to work, so we got a chick sitter. Thankfully, my friend Valerie and her family were willing and able to pitch in. They even treated one chick for pasty butt, an ailment in which poop sticks to a chick’ss butt, preventing later poops from getting out. It can be fatal. The treatment involves clearing the area manually (!) so you know these caregivers were true friends and animal lovers!
Once home, we took the chicks on a field trip to the back yard and let them try lettuce for the first time. Good times!