Here is a sampling of what I found in my son’s laundry last week:


I understand the picks, the earplugs, even that little metal thing, but what’s with all the pencils? Isn’t it uncomfortable to carry pencils around in your pockets? But more, importantly, why have pencils inundated my house? I find them EVERYWHERE! Not just in the laundry: they are on the floor, in the car, under the carpet, all over. I don’t believe that I have ever even purchased a pencil yet here they all are.  This is the drawer from the side table in our living room:


This is not even the primary pencil location, it is more of our third-tier writing utensil holder. There are Number 2 pencils, Halloween pencils, mechanical pencils, fat pencils — do I need to go on?

And why do none of them have erasers?  Where are those erasers going and why isn’t the now useless pencil thrown out immediately when the erasers are gone? I probably throw out about 3 pencils a week and they still keep coming.

Today, I found a pink colored pencil in the laundry. Now, I do not do the whole “boys can’t wear pink” thing but the likelihood that my electric guitar playing, heavy metal, long haired eleven year old son was using a pink colored pencil is slim.

I can only imagine what next week will bring…