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I hate my refrigerator. I do not say this lightly, as it is the single most used appliance in my kitchen besides the toaster. We had a nice serviceable fridge that we bought when we moved in but after about 10 years we thought it might be time to invest in a new one. We went with stainless steel because we decided that as we replace our appliances we will go with stainless since that will be better if we sell the house (not that we have any plans to sell the house right now!) So we referred to our old trusty Consumer Reports. My husband and I are notorious for making poor decisions about moderately big as well as small ticket items (mattresses, strollers, phones) so we found that if we just go with CR recommended picks there is a lot more satisfaction and a lot less swearing. So we went with a reasonably priced fridge with French doors and the freezer on the bottom.

I think this is where we went wrong.

We flew too close to the sun and our hubris shot us down. We are reminded of this every time we “leave” the door open

beep. beep. beep.

Yes, when you leave the door open for about 15 seconds it beeps to remind you that the door is open. Now I am sure you are saying to yourself “but isn’t that good? Then your stuff won’t melt or defrost?” No! It is not better for a few reasons:

1) It beeps when you know the door is open, like when you are loading all the groceries you just hauled in or when you are re-arranging items in the fridge to accommodate a big fruit platter or a turkey.

2) Isn’t it a little suspicious that the fridge has this feature? When you think about it, most fridges easily shut/seal because they are made to seal when you push the door shut. Not this one. Even when you push the door to shut it does not seal. And I think this flaw was known by the engineers. I think their conversation went something like this:

Refrigerator Engineer #1: “Hey, the door doesn’t shut all the way, you really have to purposefully and consciously push the door shut, so it seals properly.”

Refrigerator Engineer #2: “It would take too long to fix that. Let’s just add a beeping to signal the user that the door is open!”

(then they high five each other)

Me: “&$%#^#%@&”

beep, beep, beep

oops, gotta go….