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There is one place in our house that is all mine. It’s not my office, because my desk is in the kitchen, so I have to keep it pretty neat and everyone uses it the second I step away (Why else would there be ads for basketball shoes on every website I visit? I don’t mean to shock you, but I don’t care about what LeBron James puts on his feet. At all.)

And it’s not my bedroom or even my closet, because I share those with my husband. Lucky for us, he is pretty persnickety, so it stays clean. But it’s not all mine.

Where is the one place a housewife can call her own? The place no one else really wants to go, of course: the laundry room. I want to share a few insights into mine.


This is mine in a panoramic view. I have a window, so I have an excellent chance of seeing the gutters as they get clogged from here. As you may notice, it’s not very tidy right now. That’s basically a cover, so no one else will dare to enter.


This is my washing machine. A vital part of this washing machine is to always leave it open or else it smells terrible, like a wet, moldy mouse curled up and died in there. Please note that I also keep the compartment for laundry detergent open. That can be the smelly culprit if the open door doesn’t stop the smell I have found. I will say that it seems particularly egregious for a cleaning machine to need handling so it doesn’t smell, but we didn’t know that till after we bought it and no other machine will fit in that tidy little spot.


These are some linens that I sent out to the wash and fold. I don’t want to send my laundry out, because it’s expensive and seems like something that I should be able to do myself. But occasionally, there’s a minor explosion of laundry in there, and the towels erupt like lava from their hamper. So I take them to my local laundromat and they come pack looking like this. Which makes me happy.

IMG_4348This is a really nifty thing we have. It looks like a cabinet from the outside, but inside is an ironing board that swings down into action. There is also a little shelf for your iron and an electrical outlet that runs on a timer, so you can’t forget to turn of the iron! It doesn’t actually iron the clothes though, so it usually just stays in the cabinet, waiting for a more prepared housewife than me.