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First and foremost, we were into bacon before it was “in” to be into bacon. Long before every pork store and hipster restaurant was touting its bacon cocktails and gastronomic bacon tasting menus, we were cooking 12 pounds of bacon for the father/child breakfast at my son’s preschool and subscribing to the only bacon of the month club at the time. My husband took the McDonalds “Make It Bacon” campaign to heart and ordered every single menu item with bacon! But regardless, I want to pass on some bacon wisdom for the at-home lover of bacon.
1) There are three methods of cooking bacon frying, oven cooking, and microwave. Baking it in the oven is probably the easiest but takes the longest, microwaving is the fastest but uses up lots of paper towels and does not give that good even cooking and frying gives the correct consistency but can be messy and then you have to deal with all the leftover bacon fat*
2) Don’t bother with bacon gum or bacon jelly beans – it’s like eating smoke not bacon
3) Bacon does not need to be fancy. After a year of bacon of the month club, we realized that all those maple cured, sugar crusted and pepper bacons were not as tasty or cost effective as good ol’ Oscar Mayer (your favorite brand is probably just as good, too)
4) Bacon t-shirts are ok as long as they are clever and not just “Yum, Bacon!”
5) Turkey bacon – no, just no


I would include directions on the three ways to cook bacon but all I do is use the directions on the back of the package, sometimes with a quick peek at Mark Bittman or Fannie Farmer

*you can always pour the fat into a coffee mug and save it in the fridge for future use as my parents did and still do!