Recently, I have posted on two different topics near and dear to my heart:

Please Stop Rinsing and Recipe Deal Breakers

Since then, it has come to my attention that soon after these posts appeared, two well known publications issued articles on the same topics. Who are these illustrious writers? None other than Martha Stewart and  Frank Bruni (New York Times restaurant critic). This begs a response:

1) Though I completely understand Mr. Bruni’s point, I also disagree. I think some things (and certainly foods) are better left unliked (and uneaten).  For the record, I eat beets, mushrooms and oysters but I stand firm on fennel! Read the original article here

2) Thank you, Martha, for validating my point about NOT rinsing. I will even forgive you for saying there are a few items you should rinse (and I am still not going to rinse even those). I couldn’t link to the original article but check out”Dish Fulfillment” from the March issue of Living magazine (p.120).

P.S. Martha and Frank, feel free to troll “The Ill-Prepared Housewife” when you are in need of an idea for your next column!