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If they gave awards for housework . . . .

Two pleasant surprises from the Oscars on Sunday.

  1. I feel like I have seen the movie Frozen, but actually, I’ve just been privy to my 9-year-old twins’ Mandy Patinkin-rivaling maudlin falsetto versions of the songs and some snippets of dialog (the “Do you want to build a snowman?” sequence seems pretty tight). But Idina Menzel’s performance is making me think this movie might be worth seeing.
  2. Can you believe that my very own unrequited high school love, Jared Leto, has won an Oscar? It was weird enough when, after a few episodes of My So-Called Life, it dawned on me that the Jordan Catellano-Angela Chase romance which mirrored my own high school romance (except for the part where he knows of her existence) was being portrayed by the guy who leaned on the lockers across the hall from me all that time. (I know! He really was a leaner!) Now, he’s an Oscar Winner!(Kid: “What will he do if he remembers you mom?” me: “Um. Nothing?”)  And he’s a sage of sorts: this is what he said to Kelly Ripa after winning:


“A trophy is pretty, but at the end of the day what matters is the opportunity to tell people that matter how much they mean to you.”

So in that spirit . . . .

. . . Being an ill-prepared housewife doesn’t happen all on it’s own. Thanks 9-year-old daughters. Your whining at the grocery store is the only reason there are gummy candies and excessively sweetened cereals in the house when I’m looking for a snack.

To my son, trying to think of ways to get you to pick up your dirty clothes from the bathroom floor makes me a better, more creative parent.


And to my oldest. Your complete and utter distain for certain of my go-to dinners encourages me to be a better, more versatile cook. And that’s only because you are so agreeable at all other times. I’d also like to recognize my cats, Shmi, Stormey and Tiger.

Your constant vomiting is the only reason I ever clean the rugs.  Also Stormey, I’m willing to forgive your peeing in the sink because you sometimes clean the counter.


I can’t forget my rock, my partner, the guy who is married to this Ill-Prepared Housewife. Honey, your observation of the many tasks I have not completed in a given day made this blog possible, as does your willingness to make dinner on Sundays and iron the sheets. You complete me.


Another Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong’o said “And may this recognition remind me that every little child, no matter you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

But that doesn’t get you out of doing housework once you grow up.

Oh right, nobody’s recognizing me.

A statue would be pretty  . . . .