Since a large part of the country is preparing for or in the midst of a crazy storm, I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about – what else? – preparing for storms.

Now as a self-professed ill-prepared person, I get that the idea of being holed up at home for a day or two can be a bit daunting. Food and batteries must be considered. But I truly believe that the vast majority of people who are at the store buying milk and bread and batteries in the 24 hours leading up to the storm have a stockpile of items at home they could live off of for days. I mean even I have at least three boxes of pasta in my pantry!
Now you might say, “But what about Superstorm Sandy and blizzards and nor’easters that could and did leave us without power for days?”  Again, I think most people will do just fine. And if you are trying to buy ice melt or rock salt in mid February after the winter we have had, you are on a fool’s errand.
So don’t give in to the urge to go to the store and stock up on things you already have at home. The stress of standing in the lines will be worse for you than having to eat leftovers for a day.

Or do what I do:

Here is a photo I posted on Facebook from a previous storm:


And here is what I got for this one (it was buy one get one free at the local Stop and Shop):


As you can see, I have my priorities straight.