I think that clothes that need to be ironed should be banned.  Don’t even get me started on “no iron” sheets – I mean are people really ironing their sheets? They do realize that in the process of sleeping the sheets get wrinkled?

Anyway, ironing has got to be one of the most demoralizing chores next to dusting (i.e. moving dead skin cells around the room only to have them gently fall about 2 inches away).  But I digress.. back to ironing (or not, as the case may be)

So here’s the process, set up the ironing board (clunky awkward, no good place to put it), turn on the iron (heating to metal surface to over 100 degrees) and then grappling with the shirt or pants to get it situated the right way into all the corners only to have this happen:



and then, THEN, you put the clothing item on and sit down, or drive to work, or move and bang – it’s all wrinkly again. And then there’s linen, c’mon!

To top it off you, get half way to work or the store and you think:

“Wait, did I turn the iron off?”

So with visions of the house burning down, you race home or hope for the best and pray when you return home the house is not a blackened shell.  And yes, I know that these days they have automatic shut offs but that doesn’t help an overactive imagination.

Now you might say “But what about my husband’s shirts?” – I am lucky because my husband sends his shirts out but frankly if he didn’t he would be tasked with that drudgery not me.  I find my life is generally fulfilled even without ironing (though a little more wrinkly).

imageHere is my grandmother’s flat iron – now that was ironing!

p.s.  As full disclosure, I have used the iron recently, to iron on a patch on my son’s uniform – I believe this is the only legitimate use of the iron