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It’s winter time and along with Christmas, snow and the Super Bowl, that means clementines. Those lovely little easy-peel gems that burst on the scene round about November. Along with the fruit comes the boxes — which are currently piling up in the garage.  But you can find uses for them as well as solutions for a few other storage dilemmas:

1) Clementine boxes – they are great for storing various root vegetables and bulbs like your onions and garlic. (Because you know those don’t go in the fridge, right?) They are also perfect for kindling for a fire. Then you can store the empty ones in the fireplace until your next cozy night at home.

2) Linen bags – you know all those zippered bags and pouches that new sheets, comforters and tablecloths come in? Well don’t throw those away! They come in handy for storing extra sheets and comforters as well as sewing projects, office supplies, and LEGOs (you know I am always looking for LEGO storage!)

3) Skylander figures- now this isn’t using something you have around your house but it is important information to impart. For those of you who have not caught the Skylanders bug, you can ignore this, (and frankly if your kid has not gotten into Skylanders, don’t let him! It is a dark, dark hole that you will never emerge from – full disclosure – I am just as addicted to Skylanders as my son…) Anyway, forgo those expensive Skylanders storage systems. Go get the Sterilite bins that snap together (see photo) they are the perfect size for all but the giants. They hold about three times as many figurines, are easier to see the guy you need and, most importantly, are about a third of the price.  Plus as you add onto your collection (and mark my words, you will) you just get more stackable bins.


And since it’s getting close to Spring Break time, a note about Ziploc baggies.  If you have children (and really even if you don’t) include a bunch of baggies in sandwich and gallon size on your packing list. I cannot tell you how often these come in handy. Sometimes just to have a clean place to stick a pacifier or the rest of that kids meal at the Magic Kingdom (not to mention stowing a wet or otherwise soiled clothing), they are a lifesaver. Bring some on the plane and pack more in your luggage. I would forgo an extra pair or shoes for my baggie stash!