Over the past few nights, I have been up listening to my son’s barky cough and sniffles in the dark.  As I lay there waiting for the “Mommy!” call, thinking “will he have to stay home from school tomorrow?” and “what do I have to do tomorrow that is going to be messed up by a sick kid at home?”

So this morning when my son (with circles under his eyes and sounding like he was trying to quit a two pack a day habit) came downstairs, it seemed that school would not be ideal for him today. So, I was facing my day with a sick (but fortunately not too sick) kid at home all day.  Did it throw my day into an uproar? A little bit – I had errands to do and I was really trying to workout today – but then I realized-this is great! All that stuff I have been putting off, now has the opportunity to be done! Since I am stuck at home anyway, what better time to go through all the baby – yes, baby – clothes to sort out for my younger nieces and nephews.  Since the Christmas tree is still up, as well as the lights and other odd, assorted decorations, I can drag out all the storage bins and get that completed.  Then onto to filling the bird feeders, cleaning out the fridge and wrapping up with laundry (and I mean washing, drying, folding AND putting it away!).

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And though the kid sick day is the Ill-Prepared Housewife’s Best Friend don’t miss the cleaning and organizing opportunities of the “Playdate and I don’t want it to get back to the other mom that I just watch TV all day”!