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Well, frankly, I don’t know. And yes, it is actually New Year’s Eve. This is a funny holiday for me. I’m not one to stay up and party and I really never have been.


One year I dressed up as the Morton Salt girl.

I spent my youth being sent to bed early at my parents costumed New Year’s Eve parties, my teens discovering that going outside to wait for something to drop on New Years’ Eve (In my case, a Stamp from Washington’s Old Post Office Pavilion), with a few random parties or restaurants thrown in for my 20s. For years, it’s been the inevitable wake-up-to- fireworks-at-midnight, murmur Happy New Year to your spouse and go back to sleep.

But this year, I’d like to do something different, but of course I didn’t plan anything. There’s no time like the present. Here we go:

Child care:

There’s no getting an adult sitter at this late date, and a 13-year-old really shouldn’t have to take this one, so guess what? It’s a FAMILY NYE!!! There are plenty of family friendly things to do on New Year’s Eve. You just have to take the Eve literally evening, not night. I don’t really like to be out very late on New Year’s Eve anyway because I feel like there are a lot of drunk and/or tired drivers out there.


There is a nearby town that hosts and elaborate First Night festival, which is a series of events held all evening long around town. They even have children’s activities, so it seems promising. But looking through their website, the kids things are mostly arts and crafts, face painting and puppet shows.


This is Mr Fish. Apparently in addition to bullwhips and knives, he handles folding chairs.

The only think that would not cause my 11-year-old son to wail in agony is “Mr. Fish’s Knife Throwing and Bullwhips” but that doesn’t even start until 9:45. That said, we will probably give it a try because I want to support local culture. Plus, in the words of Kelly Clarkson “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (I think up by the X-Box my son just groaned and he doesn’t know why.)

I’m watching a series of videos on YouTube that are meant to promote this event, and they just said the phrase “well known in the tap dancing world” and “if you like Downton Abbey” which I can safely say attract me to the same degree they repel my husband. SO that one’s going to be a toss up. OMG there’s also going to be a Lincoln impersonator! And Kazoos and Washboards and a self-contained Capitol Steps! A flea circus! So many things a mom would think is fun and everyone else would hate!

At the house:

If I had my druthers, the evening would involve karaoke, charades and Zelda, in no particular order. Some people might like to bake some cookies and I guess I’ll have to make dinner (are Christmas Leftovers going to kill us at this point?)




We are driving and spending time with the kids, which are both times when I don’t drink alcohol. I’ve also just started a no sugar diet so I think alcohol is out. We might have a ginger ale punch  at home for some excitement (Oh My God. I know I don’t sound very exciting but that’s actually a new low for me in terms of things I think are exciting).

I’m going to make a prediction that this is the year we are asleep before the kids. Tune in next time to see what happened . . . .