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So what is an occasional environmentalist to do with all that leftover wrapping paper? Here are a few ideas to get rid of the paper and the guilt!

1) It’s hard to get the “unwrappers” to do it neatly. Between the 10-year-old boy and the 87-year-old father there is not a lot of pristine wrapping paper left. However, sometimes there are some salvageable pieces. Cut away the crinkled part and keep what you can.  Even if it is a small piece, sometimes you need that perfect size.

2) Keep some of the more crushed or unresusable pieces to use for packing packages throughout the year or for next years’ presents. Your family will love getting their presents packed with festive wrapping paper instead of packing peanuts.

3) Use lots of gift bags.  It might cost a little more but you get lots of uses. (Make sure you hit those 50% off sales this year!) However, you have to make sure you give a gift to a person who will reuse it.

My family has been passing this one around for about 4 years!0194) Cat bed?? No, no, I kid.


5) Finally, give yourself a break! If you are reusing at least a portion of your paper, you are doing a good thing and saving some money too!