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One household chore I have rejected, reviled and revolted against for years is making my bed.  It always seems so pointless since it will just get all messed up again in a matter of hours.  However, some recent articles and studies have suggested that making your bed every day can set you up for a more productive day as well as give you a better night’s sleep.  So I tried it for one week and here are the results!

Day 1 – I put fresh clean sheets on the bed and made it all up (including Pillow Pets and stuffed animals contributed by my son).  It was delightful to get into the bed that night.  I forgot how much I enjoy snuggling into clean sheets that are tightly tucked in and neatly made.  That is one of the main perks about staying in hotels!


Day 2 – Whoops! Already 10:45 and I still haven’t made the bed. I guess old habits die hard. Let me go fix that right now…..

Day 3 – Hmmm…not sure it made my sleep any better (though I did actually sleep through the night). One observation – it does seem to make the room feel more tidy and organized.  Though, full disclosure, my bedroom is generally not the messiest room in the house.  We generally adhere to the “only sleep and sex” in the bedroom mentality the room is generally neat.

Day 4 and 5 – Going well.  I feel that since I have actually made the bed upon getting out of it, I have won already!

Day 6 – Uh Oh – a little backsliding here.  My husband was the last one to get out of bed and he did not make it (and in his defense he was not privy to my little experiment) so it didn’t get made until about 3:00 (not that he didn’t get out of bed until then, that’s just when I remembered!)

Day 7 – A strong ending to the week – whew!

Conclusions – So did I feel more productive and more rested due to making my bed every day? The jury is still out on that one.  I think I would have to do more extensive monitoring of the situation (and frankly if I find it a struggle to make my bed am I really going to keep daily notes on my productivity?) However, I did find that I wanted to make other parts of the house tidier. Maybe because it feels like company is coming or maybe it is the same idea as going for a 5 minute walk even when you don’t feel like exercising because then once you’re out there you will keep going.  Whatever the reason, I think I will try to fit this into my daily routine!